Personal branding photos of Edinburgh CMO Danae Shell

This is Danae, and she’s one smart cookie. I had the pleasure of working with her at FreeAgent (she’s now Chief Marketing Officer at Care Sourcer) and was thrilled to bits when she asked me to take these photos. She’s going to be a speaker at the next Turing Festival (!!!) and needed a new headshot for the occasion. The last photo is my favourite. If you’re looking for a portrait photographer in Edinburgh, please get in touch.

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A new set of headshot portraits for owner of Edinburgh 3Theatre Company

This gorgeous girl needed a new set of personal branding photos, and I was happy to help out. Even if you’re not particularly comfortable in front of a camera, we can meet up, have a chat and I’ll just snap away. You won’t even know you’ve been photographed. Well, that’s not completely true, but the process is probably a lot less painful than you might think.

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Portraits and lifestyle photography for the talented Edinburgh paper cut artist Emily Hogarth

I loved taking these photos so much. Emily and I met earlier in the year when I photographed her along with her gorgeous family. She asked me to photograph just her this time, in her home studio, as she’s being featured in a book about East Lothian artists. And it was just a joy. Mary the dog features heavily, as she should.

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Portrait photography of jewellery designer Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca, as it turns out, lives on the same street as Emily Hogarth, and also needed personal branding photos of herself in her home studio. We chatted, I looked at her amazing jewellery confections (they literally look like sweets!), and snapped away, and I think we ended up with some beautiful portraits. If you need a headshot or an entire suite of photos of yourself and/or your business, please give me a shout.

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Personal branding photos at home with Edinburgh interiors guru Carrie Cotton

Carrie recently launched her Edinburgh-based interior design business. Her designs are fab (check out her insta profile), and she needed a few portraits of herself, in her well-designed home, for her social media and website. A good, solid headshot goes a long way, so if you’re needing some personal branding photos of yourself and or your business, please get in touch.

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Christmas food photography and portraits of Edinburgh chef Nichola Pearce

Well this was fun. Nichola wanted to showcase her amazing Christmas food creations on her website and throughout her social media channels, and I was happy to help her out. And yes, I got to try some of the food - the mini mince pies were to do for, and I’m not even a massive mince pie fan.

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Food, lifestyle and personal branding photos at home with personal chef Nichola Pearce

Nic has worked as a personal chef for high profile actors on Star Trek Beyond (including a personal fave, Idris Elba!) and Trainspotting 2, and needed a new set of photos for her website. I’ll be honest - this was the first time I’d shot food, but we were both really pleased with the photos. As you can see, we took a range of portraits of Nichola, photos of her preparing the delicious food and static food shots. Whatever business you’re in - if you need a solid set of photos to represent what you do and who you are, please do get in touch.