What to expect

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Session who/what/where.

  • I can photograph a snippet of your normal weekend/weekday routine at home. Or we can venture further afield into your garden, around your 'hood, to a local place that's special to your family or any one of the many super pretty spots here in Edinburgh like Arthur's Seat or Porty Beach.
  • When we're booking a time for our session, think about when your kiddos will be the least tired or hungry. And if your children are quite shy, we can try to meet up briefly before our session if you think it might help. 
  • And what should you wear? Whatever clothing makes you happiest. I'd suggest staying away from anything with massive logos that might look dated down the line, but if your kid's happiest in their Star Wars t-shirt (or you are in yours!), so be it! 


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On the day.

  • Wherever we end up, think of our session as a bit of regular family time where someone (me!) happens to be there with a camera to catch the fun as it all unfolds.
  • In a regular session I'll be with you for a good couple of hours so no one should feel rushed, and I'll do my best to keep the session breezy, light and fun.
  • You'll get some direction from me but there won’t be a lot of stiff posing – your kids can just be kids. And you can just be you!
  • I can take photos of your whole immediate family, just your children, or mothers/fathers at home with their kids during the week which works well with little ones. It's up to you.
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After our session.

  • A couple weeks after our session I'll send you over a link with your photos that you can share with your nearest and dearest.
  • Shortly after, I’ll post a usb stick to you with both high and low resolution jpegs as well as a set of 10 4x6 prints of my choice.
  • If you decide you want some professional enlargements, canvases or albums, we can go from there. I won't mark the prices up in an astronomical way like many photographers do. And if not, that's us done...until next time!